Dr. Amilcar M. Lominchar

Dr. Lominchar was born and raised in Havana, Cuba. Studied Medicine at the Higher Institute of Medical Services in Havana, Cuba from 1991-1997. Dr. Lominchar did his Internal Medicine Residency at the Medical Surgical Research Center (Centro de Investigaciones Médicas Quirúrgicas) (CIMEQ) in Havana, Cuba from 1999-2002, Hospital that has been called by the Chicago Tribune the jewel of the Cuban health system. From 2002-2006 Dr. Lominchar worked at the CIMEQ and Hospital Nacional del Combinado del Este as a chief of staff of internal medicine. From 2007-2009 Dr. Lominchar went on a medical mission in Rwanda. From 2009-2014 Dr. Lominchar worked as a medical assistant technician. During this time Dr. Lominchar was studying to become a Doctor in the U.S. Dr. Lominchar did his Medical Internship in Puerto Rico during 2014.

Dr. Lominchar has been practicing in the United States as a primary care physician since 2015, mostly with the elderly population. He is fluent in both English and Spanish and now is owner of Renaissance Medical Center.

In his spare time Dr. Lominchar loves to enjoy leisure time with his family. He loves animals, he has a dog named Nene and one turtle named Elsa. He loves to dance salsa and as a good Cuban loves to drink Cuban coffee.